VIAXERA s.r.o.

Correctly defining risks and creating clear procedures to avoid them,
leading to effective assurance of continuity of production processes.

Our services

Our company focuses on a wide range of activities
that incorporate sophisticated safety system proposals,
including specification of concrete outcomes and functional characteristics for the customer.

Design and management of processes

We can secure an expert definition of company processes and procedures, which will secure you the specification of key activities and technologies necessary for creating a safe production environment.

Design and co-ordination activities

From the beginning to the end of the entire process, we will secure qualified project management for you, including designs for all technological components, ensuring a comprehensive solution.

Technical site manager

It is our conviction that a thorough check of the supplier procedures and materials used, which we secure for you, will always ensure the quality fulfilment of all customer and project requirements.

Technology implementation

We can find suitable technologies for all the systems and solutions we design, which will help you place them directly into a specific process so it meets the required parameters.

Information system management

Most of our designed systems communicate using cutting edge computer infrastructures and are implemented using software applications under constant observation.

Critical infrastructures audit

We can measure potential critical points on the main distribution lines for your important raw materials and energy needed for production, and subsequently show these using expanded reality.

Core businesses

We are happy to advise and propose the procedures, tools, systems and solutions
that will secure you timely assessment of risks in your key operations,
and will thus avoid disruption to your production processes.

Our aim

To process all customer requirements
and secure effective management of processes to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

About us

VIAXERA s.r.o. was founded in 2012
in order to provide a wide spectrum of consultancy
services within various fields and areas of human activity.

The experience of our professional team brings together the skills and
knowledge acquired over twenty years of practice in information
and communication technologies and safety systems.

Company headquarters

Palackého 3145/41, 466 01 Jablonec n. Nisou

Telephone line

+420 602 206 560

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    We support

    As part of our activities outside the company,
    for many years we have supported various sports organisations and societies
    which secure the well-rounded development of physical activities for children and young people.