VIAXERA s.r.o.

The correct definition of risks and the creation of clear procedures for their prevention,
it leads to effective assurance of the continuity of production processes.


Our services

Our company focuses on a wide range of activities,
which include sophisticated security system designs
including the specification of specific outputs and useful properties for the customer.


Process design and management

We can expertly define company processes and procedures, which will provide you with the specification of key activities and technologies needed to create a safe production environment.

Projection and coordination activity

From the beginning to the end of the entire process, we will provide you with qualified project management and management, including the design of all partial technological elements for a complex solution.

Investors technical Supervision

We believe that the rigorous control of supplier procedures and used materials, which we provide you, will always ensure the high-quality fulfillment of all customer and project requirements.

Implementace technologií

We can find suitable technologies for all the systems and solutions designed by us, which we can help you embed directly into a specific process so that they meet the required parameters.

Management of information systems

Most of the systems we propose communicate over state-of-the-art computing infrastructures and are deployed using software applications with continuous monitoring.

Audit of critical infrastructure

We can measure and then display with the help of augmented reality, potential critical points on the main distribution of your important raw materials and energy needed for production.

Fields of Activity

We are happy to advise and design such procedures, tools, systems and solutions,
which will provide you with a timely evaluation of risks at your key operations
and will thus prevent disruption of your production processes.


Our goal

Processing all customer requests
and ensuring effective process management to his maximum satisfaction.


About us

Our company VIAXERA s.r.o. was founded in 2012
in order to provide a wide range of consulting services
in various fields and areas of human activity.


The experience of our professional team combines the skills
and knowledge gained during twenty years of experience in information
and communication technologies and security systems.




Aviatická 1092/8, 161 00 Praha 6



+420 602 206 560




We support

As part of our non-company activities, our company
long-term support of various sports organizations and associations,
which take care of the all-round development of physical activities in children and youth.